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st. Paul's is located at 61 church street

St. Paul's has been serving Teaneck for nearly a century!


Nearing Christmas, scripture introduces us to a host of essential characters. We meet John the Baptist, the eccentric and faithful cousin of our Lord. Mary and Elizabeth are introduced to us, one a very old woman longing for a child, the second an unwed teenage mother. And there is Joseph, a working class man seeking to live his life the best way he can. The book of Matthew makes great use of characters starting with genealogies. The role of everyone in the faith story is an indispensable part of God's plan. As the days grow shorter and the expectations for Christmas grow longer, it is easy to lose one's sense of self worth. Come back to church, where every individual is honored as an essential part of the ever unfolding faith story. 

Good things happen in church!

Pastor Gary

Celebrating ninety years of sharing
God's love with our community


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St. Paul’s is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, serving the communities of Teaneck, Englewood, Ridgefield Park, and Hackensack for 90 years.
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