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st. Paul's is located at 61 church street

St. Paul's has been serving Teaneck for nearly a century!


A new church year begins and our congregation focuses on the Gospel of Mark.

Did you know that there is no Christmas story in Mark? Instead of relying on angels, shepherds and Magi to announce the coming of our Savior, Mark uses everyday people to announce the immediate and personal presence of the Messiah.

John the Baptist, the fishermen Simon and Andrew, an outcast leper and even a Roman Centurion testify that God is in the world with us.  This cast of unusual characters is not only found in scripture.

At Saint Paul we have a congregation of characters who share where they have met Jesus each week.  Please join us in worship so that we may honor and treasure how God is working in your life as well.

Good things happen in Church!

Pastor Gary


St. Paul’s is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, serving the communities of Teaneck, Englewood, Ridgefield Park, and Hackensack for 90 years.
Please join us!